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“I am only one man;
Not sent by a god.”

abilities + skills
character basics.
NAME.Mahanon Lavellan
SPECIES.(Dalish) Elf
OCCUPATION.Rift Mage, Herald of Andraste, Inquisitor
DATE OF BIRTH.Harvestmere 26th
PLACE OF BIRTH.Northern Free Marches

DATING STATUS.None / Iron Bull / Dorian (Playthrough Dependent)
DATING HISTORY.Bellanaris Lavellan
Revas Lavellan

FAMILY.Melani Tillahnnen (Mother)
Aravan Tillahnnen (Father)
Satiae (Sister)
Mahanin (Brother)

GAME.Arda Marred   •   Info Post

Mages Allied With The Inquisition
Empress Celene Rules With Briala
Wardens Joined The Inquisition
Did Not Drink From The Well
Leliana Was Made Divine
☑ JoH, The Descent, Trespasser

Mahanon started out as a slightly shy, sensitive nature-loving introvert with a deep interest in elven history, worried about his ability to lead his clan in the future, and grew into the head of one of Thedas' largest political and religious forces.

Not a natural leader, he learned to take charge with the help of his advisors and friends, and eventually became the kind of man that could make difficult decisions. That doesn't mean he isn't eager to take advice from those with better knowledge than him, and usually refers to the better judgment of his ambassador when it comes to politics, which aren't his strong forte. In the end, however, his decisions are his alone.

He can be surprisingly stubborn at times when it comes to walking the middle road and wanting what is best for everyone, trying to be fair and compassionate while tending to make deals and compromises rather than give punishments. Partly thanks to this, Mahanon easily makes friends despite his introvert nature, and is fiercely loyal to those that earn his trust.

Underneath his mask, however, he is quite sensitive. He stresses a lot, being somewhat of a fretting workaholic, and suffers from with night terrors thanks to everything he has gone through... while he's outwardly hard to insult, he carries such things for a long time and will judge you for it.

Fighting brings out another person in him - he shuts off any other thoughts when facing danger. No remorse, no mercy, no prisoners. It's the only way he can kill without it leaving scars in him that add to his nightmares, and thus tries to imagine enemies without faces as he rips them apart with his magic. Demons and monsters do not bring him the same pain, thankfully.

(More to come.)

abilities + skills.
Mahanon is a mage, which means that he is attuned to the Fade, a metaphysical existing simultaneously with the physical world separated by the Veil. With this connection, he is able to draw out energy from the Fade with the help of his mana and weave it into spells.

Mages can usually cast one or two spells depending on the cost and then have to wait for their mana to recharge (which takes a few moments), so they usually back up their magic with bladed magical staves that help them fire weaker elemental energy without the mana cost.

While mages technically has the ability to use all those spells, he's the most comfortable with these:

Barrier: Puts a protective barrier over the nearest people (max four) that must be destroyed before they will take any damage. It only lasts for around 30 seconds.

Winter's Grasp: Casts a large ice blast that turns an enemy into an ice statue and freezes them in place.

Flashfire: Traditional explosive fire ball.

Immolate: Less traditional ground explosion of fire at a targeted place.

Mahanon has specialized in Rift Magic, which is the manipulation of the Fade itself.

Rift Magic Game Specialization

Veil Strike: Recreates the mage's own fist from the essence of the Fade and smash nearby foes to the ground.

Stonefist: Summons a boulder from the Fade and smashes it into a target, sending them flying.

Pull of the Abyss: Creates a tiny rift (like a small black hole) that violently pull enemies toward a central point.

Veil Effects: These passive effects create green mist around him, upping mana and damage while weakening enemies and reducing their attack power.

Lastly, he's the Inquisitor not because if his stellar looks but the fact that he has a piece of a veil key in his hand, which gives him the ability to momentarily open a rift, briefly sundering the Veil and sucking his enemies physically into the Fade. It takes a lot of power, however, and he needs to work up to it by fighting and concentrating his magic.

As a Dragon Age elf, he has some limited night vision, with tapetum lucidum that make his eyes reflect light at night. Like most elves in pretty much any canon, he's also generally a bit more dexterous and agile.



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THREADHOPPING: By all means!
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HUGGING: Mahanon is a little wary of random hugs, but do not mind them from friends.
KISSING: Only welcome if he's in a relationship with the other person.
FLIRTING: By all means, flirt! He can be a little oblivious, though.
FIGHTING: Sure! He's rather weak at physical fighting but is a very talented mage.
INJURING: See above. Discuss anything serious, though!
KILLING: Only in PSLs/memes.
TELEPATHY/MIND CONTROL: Feel free to try. He has a very good sense of magic, however, and is used to keeping demons from whispering in his head.

OTHER: Nothing to add right now.


I'm up for anything in these and I'm totally okay with any world states, timelines, relationships and such. I love to play with characters from the other DA games as well!

He also has an AU Companion/Not-Inquisitor version for other Inquisitors.

Cross-canon threads are loved!
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